Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
Family Planning Perspectives
Volume 28, Number 4, July/August 1996

Table of Contents


Abortion Patients in 1994-1995: Characteristics and Contraceptive Use [HTML] [PDF]
Stanley K. Henshaw and Kathryn Kost

Do Adolescent Pregnancy and Childbearing Affect Younger Siblings? [HTML] [PDF]
Patricia L. East

Measuring Compliance Among Oral Contraceptive Users [HTML] [PDF]
Linda Potter, Deborah Oakley, Emelita de Leon-Wong and Ruth Canamar

Maternal Correlates of Adolescent Sexual and Contraceptive Behavior [HTML] [PDF]
James Jaccard, Patricia J. Dittus and Vivian V. Gordon

Public Funding for Contraceptive, Sterilization and Abortion Services, 1994 [HTML] [PDF]
Terry Sollom, Rachel Benson Gold and Rebekah Saul


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