Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
Family Planning Perspectives
Volume 30, Number 5, September/October 1998

Table of Contents


Mainstreaming Contraceptive Services In Managed Care [HTML] [PDF]
Rachel Benson Gold, Jacqueline E. Darroch and Jennifer J. Frost

Dual-Method Use Among an Ethnically Diverse Group of Women at Risk of HIV Infection [HTML] [PDF]
Kara S. Riehman, David F. Sly, Hosanna Soler, Isaac W. Eberstein, David Quadagno and Dianne F. Harrison

Family Communication About Sex: What Are Parents Saying and Are Their Adolescents Listening? [HTML] [PDF]
Kim S. Miller, Beth A. Kotchick, Shannon Dorsey, Rex Forehand and Anissa V. Ham

The Effects of Pregnancy Planning Status on Birth Outcomes and Infant Care [HTML] [PDF]
Kathryn Kost, David J. Landry and Jacqueline E. Darroch

Economic and Personal Factors Affecting Women's Use of Nurse-Midwives in Michigan [HTML] [PDF]
Susan D. Stewart

Teenage Childbearing Is Not So Bad After All...Or Is It? A Review of the New Literature [HTML] [PDF]
Saul D. Hoffman

Condom Use Among Women Choosing Long-Term Hormonal Contraception [HTML] [PDF]
Linda F. Cushman, Diana Romero, Debra Kalmuss, Andrew R. Davidsong, Stephen Heartwell and Marvin Rubin


Abortion Reporting in the United States:An Examination of the Federal-State Partnership [HTML] [PDF]
Rebekah Saul


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