Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
Family Planning Perspectives
Volume 30, Number 6, November/December 1998

Table of Contents


Understanding Changes in Sexual Activity Among Young Metropolitan Men: 1979-1995 [HTML] [PDF]
Leighton Ku, Freya L. Sonenstein, Laura D. Lindberg, Carolyn H. Bradner, Scott Boggess and Joseph H. Pleck

Abortion Incidence and Services in the United States, 1995-1996 [HTML] [PDF]
Stanley K. Henshaw

Multiple Sexual Partners Among U.S. Adolescents and Young Adults [HTML] [PDF]
John S. Santelli, Nancy D. Brener, Richard Lowry, Amita Bhatt and Laurie S. Zabin

Increased Condom Use Among Teenage Males, 1988-1995: The Role of Attitudes [HTML] [PDF]
Joseph J. Murphy and Scott Boggess

State Abortion Policy, Geographic Access to Abortion Providers and Changing Family Formation [HTML] [PDF]
Daniel T. Lichter, Diane K. McLaughlin and David C. Ribar

Using Pharmacies in Washington State To Expand Access to Emergency Contraception [HTML] [PDF]
Elisa S. Wells, Jane Hutchings, Jacqueline S. Gardner, Jennifer L. Winkler, Timothy S. Fuller, Don Downing and Rod Shafer


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