Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
Family Planning Perspectives
Volume 31, Number 1, January/February 1999

Table of Contents


Correlates of Sexually Transmitted Bacterial Infections Among U.S. Women in 1995 [html] [pdf]
Heather G. Miller, Virginia S. Cain, Susan M. Rogers, James N. Gribble and Charles F. Turner

Where Do People Go for Treatment of Sexually Transmitted Diseases? [html] [pdf]
Robert M. Brackbill, Maya R. Sternberg and Martin Fishbein

Women's Interest in Vaginal Microbicides [html] [pdf]
Jacqueline E. Darroch and Jennifer J. Frost

Condom Use and HIV Risk Behaviors Among U.S. Adults: Data from a National Survey [html] [pdf]
John E. Anderson, Ronald Wilson, Lynda Doll, T. Stephen Jones and Peggy Barker

Pregnancies Averted Among U.S. Teenagers by the Use of Contraceptives [html] [pdf]
James G. Kahn, Claire D. Brindis and Dana A. Glei

Reactions to Medical Abortion Among Providers Of Surgical Abortion: An Early Snapshot [html] [pdf]
Carole Joffe

Provider Attitudes Toward Dispensing Emergency Contraception in Michigan's Title X Programs [html] [pdf]
Joseph Winchester Brown and Matthew L. Boulton

The Pill in Japan: Will Approval Ever Come? [html] [pdf]
Kunio Kitamura


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