Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
Family Planning Perspectives
Volume 32, Number 2, March/April 2000

Table of Contents


Psychosocial Factors and the Timing of Prenatal Care Among Women in New Jersey's HealthStart Program [HTML] [PDF]
Deanna L. Pagnini and Nancy E. Reichman

Contraceptive Use in Canada: 1984-1995 [HTML] [PDF]
Kelly Martin and Zheng Wu

Are There Unmet Family Planning Needs in Europe? [HTML] [PDF]
Erik Klijzing

Relationship Dynamics, Ethnicity and Condom Use Among Low-Income Women [HTML] [PDF]
Hosanna Soler, David Quadagno, David F. Sly, Kara S. Riehman, Isaac W. Eberstein and Dianne F. Harrison


Forum: Whose Pill Is It, Anyway? [HTML] [PDF]
Anita L. Nelson

Forum: The Pill and Men's Involvement in Contraception [HTML]
Jacqueline E. Darroch

Forum: Mothers, Daughters and the Pill [HTML]
Paula J. Adams Hillard

Forum: Black Women and the Pill [HTML]
Dorothy Roberts

Forum: Will the Pill Become Obsolete in This Century? [HTML]
John Guillebaud


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In Clinical Trial, Women Using Once-a-Month Injectable Contraceptive Avoid Pregnancy and Approve of Method [HTML]

Infants Fathered by Men Who Are Exposed to Radiation in the Workplace Have an Elevated Risk of Being Stillborn [HTML]

As Many Lesbians Have Had Sex with Men, Taking a Full Sexual History Is Important [HTML]

Repeated Screening for Sexually Transmitted Diseases In School Programs Lowers Males' Chlamydia Rate [HTML]

Women Aged 15-29 Are Increasingly Having First Children Before Marriage [HTML]

Fertility Drugs Do Not Raise Breast, Ovarian Or Uterine Cancer Risk [HTML]

Range of Risky Behaviors Is Tied to Risk of Multiple Partners Among Teenagers [HTML]


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