Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
Family Planning Perspectives
Volume 32, Number 4, July/August 2000

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Adolescent Sexual Behavior: Estimates and Trends From Four Nationally Representative Surveys [HTML] [PDF]
John S. Santelli, Laura Duberstein Lindberg, Joyce Abma, Clea Sucoff McNeely and Michael Resnick

Explaining Demographic Trends in Teenage Fertility, 1980 -1995 [HTML] [PDF]
Jennifer Manlove, Elizabeth Terry, Laura Gitelson, Angela Romano Papillo and Stephen Russell

Why Are U.S. Women Not Using Long-Acting Contraceptives? [HTML] [PDF]
Koray Tanfer, Susan Wierzbicki and Betsy Payn

Acceptability of a Novel Vaginal Microbicide During a Safety Trial Among Low-Risk Women [HTML] [PDF]
Margaret E. Bentley, Kathleen M. Morrow, Andrew Fullem, Margaret A. Chesney, Scott D. Horton, Zeda Rosenberg and Kenneth H. Mayer

British General Practitioners' Attitudes Toward Abortion [HTML] [PDF]
Colin Francome and Edward Freeman


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Americans' Opinions on Population Issues Are Strong, Although Their Knowledge of the Issues Is Poor [HTML]

Very Short and Very Long Interpregnancy Intervals Raise Odds of Prematurity [HTML]

An Elevated Breast Cancer Risk Following a First Birth Declines with Time; Later Pregnancies Do Not Affect Risk head [HTML]

Some Effects of Home Nurse Visits to Women In Memphis Endure After the Visits End [HTML]

Has There Been a Talk About Sex? Teenagers and Their Mothers Often Disagree [HTML]



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