Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
Family Planning Perspectives
Volume 33, Number 4, July/August 2001

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In This Issue 33(4) [HTML]
The Editors


Fertility Desires and Intentions of HIV-Positive Men and Women [HTML] [PDF]
James L. Chen, Kathryn A. Phillips, David E. Kanouse, Rebecca L. Collins and Angela Miu

Reproductive and Sexual Health Benefits in Private Health Insurance Plans in Washington State [HTML] [PDF]
Ann Kurth, Lori Bielinski, Kris Graap, John Conniff and Frederick A. Connell

Tubal Sterilization in the United States, 1994-1996 [HTML] [PDF]
Andrea P. MacKay, Burney A. Kieke, Jr., Lisa M. Koonin and Karen Beattie

States' Implementation of the Section 510 Abstinence Education Program, FY 1999 [HTML] [PDF]
Adam Sonfield and Rachel Benson Gold


Increasing Access to Emergency Contraception Through Community Pharmacies: Lessons from Washington State [HTML] [PDF]
Jacqueline S. Gardner, Jane Hutchings, Timothy S. Fuller and Don Downing


Using Photographs to Strengthen Family Planning Research [HTML] [PDF]
Peter J. Donaldson


All in PDF

Levels of Sexual Experience Among U.S. Teenagers Have Declined for the First Time in Three Decades [HTML]

A First Pregnancy May Be Difficult to Achieve After Long-Term Use of an IUD [HTML]

Preeclampisa and Eclampsia, While Often Preventable, Are Among Top Causes of Pregnancy-Related Deaths [HTML]

Lesbians Are More Likely Than U.S. Women Overall to Have Risk Factors for Gynecologic and Breast Cancer [HTML]

Health Care Providers' Encouragement Spurs Women to Breastfeed [HTML]

Boyhood Abuse Increases Men's Risk of Involvement In a Teenager's Pregnancy [HTML]

Sexual Intercourse and Orgasm During Late Pregnancy May Have a Protective Effect Against Preterm Delivery [HTML]

Female Condoms Remain Structurally Sound After Being Washed and Reused as Many as Seven Times [HTML]

Being Underweight Does Not Raise the Risk of Most Pregnancy Complications [HTML]


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