Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
Family Planning Perspectives
Volume 33, Number 6, November/December 2001

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In This Issue 33(6) [html]
The Editors


Differences in Teenage Pregnancy Rates Among Five Developed Countries: The Roles of Sexual Activity and Contraceptive Use [html] [pdf]
Jacqueline E. Darroch, Susheela Singh, Jennifer J. Frost and the Study Team

Socioeconomic Disadvantage and Adolescent Women's Sexual and Reproductive Behavior: The Case of Five Developed Countries [html] [pdf]
Susheela Singh, Jacqueline E. Darroch, Jennifer J. Frost and the Study Team

The Effects of Early Childbearing On Schooling over Time [html] [pdf]
Sandra L. Hofferth, Lori Reid and Frank L. Mott

Early Sexual Initiation and Subsequent Sex-Related Risks Among Urban Minority Youth: The Reach for Health Study [html] [pdf]
Lydia O'Donnell, Carl R. O'Donnell and Ann Stueve


Understanding What Works and What Doesn't In Reducing Adolescent Sexual Risk-Taking [html] [pdf]
Douglas Kirby


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Young Mothers' Disadvantage, Not Their Age Itself, Accounts for Their Children's Educational Problems [html]

Condoms Reduce Women's Risk of Herpes Infection, But Do Not Men [html]

New Analgesia Techniques For Labor Raise Chances of Normal Vaginal Birth [html]

Factors Influencing Condom Use Depend Upon Whether A Woman Has Had a Sexually Transmitted Disease [html]

Risks and Disadvantages Are Raised for Teenage Mothers [html]

BRCA Mutations Lessen Protective Effect of Pill Against Ovarian Cancer [html]

Human Papillomavirus Infection, Benign Lesions Have Different Risk Factors [html]

Labor Induction for Vaginal Birth After Cesarean May Lead to Uterine Rupture [html]


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