Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
International Family Planning Perspectives
Volume 21, Number 3, September 1995

Table of Contents


Contraceptive Discontinuation in Six Developing Countries: A Cause-Specific Analysis [HTML] [PDF]
Mohamed Ali and John Cleland

The Social Context of Family Planning In a South Indian Village [HTML] [PDF]
A. Dharmalingam

Acceptability of Spermicidal Film and Foaming Tablets Among Women in Three Countries [HTML] [PDF]
Markus Steiner, Alan Spruyt, Carol Joanis, Lucinda Glover, Milton Cordero, Gloria Alvarado and Charles Onoka

Contraceptive Use Among High School Students in Kenya [HTML] [PDF]
Karungari Kiragu and Laurie S. Zabin

Acceptability of the Diaphragm Among Low-Income Women in São Paulo, Brazil [HTML] [PDF]
Tania Di Giacomo do Lago, Regina Maria Barbosa, Suzana Kalckmann, Wilza Vieira Villela and Samuel Gohiman


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