Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
International Family Planning Perspectives
Volume 23, Number 1, March 1997

Table of Contents


The Relationship of Abortion to Trends in Contraception and Fertility in Brazil, Colombia and Mexico [HTML] [PDF]
Susheela Singh and Gilda Sedgh

Husband-Wife Communication About Family Planning and Contraceptive Use in Kenya [HTML] [PDF]
Ashraf Lasee and Stan Becker

Avoiding Unintended Pregnancy in Peru: Does the Quality of Family Planning Services Matter? [HTML] [PDF]
Barbara S. Mensch, Mary Arends-Kuenning, Anrudh Jain and Maria Rosa Garate

Sexual Activity and Contraceptive Knowledge and Use Among In-School Adolescents in Nigeria [HTML] [PDF]
Uche Amazigo, Nancy Silva, Joan Kaufman and Daniel S. Obikeze

Maternal Mortality in Taiwan: Rates and Trends [HTML] [PDF]
Senyeong Kao, Li-Mei Chen, Leiyu Shi, Martin C. Weinrich and C. Arden Miller


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