Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
International Family Planning Perspectives
Volume 23, Number 3, September 1997

Table of Contents


Estimating the Level of Abortion In the Philippines and Bangladesh [HTML] [PDF]
Susheela Singh, Josefina V. Cabigon, Altaf Hossain, Haidary Kamal and Aurora E. Perez

Spouses' Views of Contraception in the Philippines [HTML] [PDF]
Ann E. Biddlecom, John B. Casterline and Aurora E. Perez

Can the Bangladeshi Family Planning Program Meet Rising Needs Without Raising Costs? [HTML] [PDF]
Barbara Janowitz, Matthew Holtman, David Hubacher and Kanta Jamil

Knowledge, Approval and Communication About Family Planning as Correlates of Desired Fertility Among Spouses in Pakistan [HTML] [PDF]
Naushin Mahmood and Karin Ringheim


Female Circumcision: Rite of Passage Or Violation of Rights? [HTML] [PDF]
Frances A. Althaus


Guidelines for Authors


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