Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
International Family Planning Perspectives
Volume 24, Number 2, June 1998

Table of Contents


A Global Review of Laws on Induced Abortion, 1985-1997 [HTML] [PDF]
Anika Rahman, Laura Katzive and Stanley K. Henshaw

Sexual Behavior and Attitudes Among Unmarried Urban Youths in Guinea [HTML] [PDF]
Regina Gorgen, Mohamed L. Yansane, Michael Marx and Dominique Millimounou

Son Preference in Anhui Province, China [HTML] [PDF]
Maureen J. Graham, Ulla Larsen and Xiping Xu

Female Sterilization in Nepal: A Comparison of Two Types of Service Delivery [HTML] [PDF]
Shyam Thapa and Matthew Friedman


What Have We Learned from Studying Changes in Service Guidelines and Practices? [HTML] [PDF]
Karen Hardee, Barbara Janowitz, John Stanback and Michele T. Villinski


Where Have All the Vaginal Foaming Tablets Gone? Program Statistics and User Dynamics in Ghana [HTML] [PDF]
Markus J. Steiner, John D. Attafuah, John Stanback and Tara Nutley


Vaginal Drying Agents and HIV Transmission [HTML] [PDF]
Karen E. Kun


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