Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
International Family Planning Perspectives
Volume 24, Number 4, December 1998

Table of Contents


The Incidence of Induced Abortion in Nigeria [HTML] [PDF]
Stanley K. Henshaw, Susheela Singh, Boniface A. Oye-Adeniran, Isaac F. Adewole, Ngozi Iwere and Yvette P. Cuca

The Potential Impact of Introducing Pregnancy Testing into Menstrual Regulation Services in Vietnam [HTML] [PDF]
Trinh Huu Vach, Amie Bishop, Vuong Thi Hoa, Luong Xuan Hien, Tran Dinh Chien and Tuong I. Nguyen

Family Planning Clinics Through Women's Eyes and Voices: A Case Study from Rural Bangladesh [HTML] [PDF]
Sidney Ruth Schuler and Zakir Hossain


The Challenge of Contraceptive Implant Removals in East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia [HTML] [PDF]
Terence H. Hull


Teenage Contraceptive Needs in Urban South Africa: A Case Study [HTML] [PDF]
Zanele Mfono

Fertility Regulation in a Declining State Socialist Economy: Bulgaria, 1976-1995, Elwood Carlson and Megumi Omori [HTML] [PDF]
Elwood Carlson and Megumi Omori

The Quality of Family Planning Services For Breastfeeding Women in Senegal [HTML] [PDF]
Karen Stein, Diana Measham and Beverly Winikoff


Abortion Reform in South Africa: A Case Study of the 1996 Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Act [HTML] [PDF]
Sally Guttmacher, Farzana Kapadia, Jim Te Water Naude and Helen de Pinho


How to Improve Family Planning and Save Lives Using a Stage-of-Life Approach [HTML] [PDF]
Malcolm Potts, Judith Rooks and Bethany Young Holt


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