Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
International Family Planning Perspectives
Volume 25, Number 1, March 1999

Table of Contents


Measuring Family Planning Program Effort At the Provincial Level: A Vietnam Application [HTML] [PDF]
Pham Bich San, John A. Ross, Nguyen Lan Phuong and Nguyen Duc Vinh

Safety, Efficacy and Acceptability of Mifepristone-Misoprostol Medical Abortion in Vietnam [HTML] [PDF]
Nguyen Thi Nhu Ngoc, Beverly Winikoff, Shelley Clark, Charlotte Ellertson, Khong Ngoc Am, Do Trong Hieu and Batya Elul

Men's Attitudes Toward Vaginal Microbicides And Microbicide Trials in Zimbabwee [HTML] [PDF]
Janneke H.H.M. van de Wijgert, Gertrude N. Khumalo-Sakutukwa, Christiana Coggins, Sabada E. Dube, Prisca Nyamapfeni, Magdalene Mwale and Nancy S. Padian

The Costs and Benefits of IUD Follow-Up Visits In the Mexican Social Security Institute [HTML] [PDF]
David Hubacher, Carmen Cardenas, Daniel Hernandez, Manuel Cortes and Barbara Janowitz

Determinants of Unintended Pregnancy Among Women in Ecuador [HTML] [PDF]
Elizabeth Eggleston

Pregnancy Termination in a Rural Subdistrict Of Bangladesh: A Microstudy [HTML] [PDF]
Bruce Caldwell, Barkat-e-Khuda, Shameem Ahmed, Fazilatun Nessa and Indrani Haque

Fertility and Family Planning Trends in Karachi, Pakistan [HTML] [PDF]
Catherine A. Hagen, Fariyal F. Fikree, Afroze Sherali and Fauzia Hoodbhoy


Recent Trends in Abortion Rates Worldwide [HTML] [PDF]
Stanley K. Henshaw, Susheela Singh and Taylor Haas


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