Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
International Family Planning Perspectives
Volume 25, Number 3, September 1999

Table of Contents


The Relationship of Social Affiliation And Interpersonal Discussion to Family Planning Knowledge, Attitudes and Practice [HTML] [PDF]
Marc Boulay and Thomas W. Valente

Increasing Efficiency to Meet Future Demand: Family Planning Services Provided by the Mexican Ministry of Health [HTML] [PDF]
David Hubacher, Matthew Holtman, Miriam Fuentes, Gregorio Perez-Palacios and Barbara Janowitz

Adolescent Fertility Behavior: Trends And Determinants in Northeastern Brazil [HTML] [PDF]
Neeru Gupta and Iuri da Costa Leite

Education and Nonuse of Contraceptives Among Poor Women in Chiapas, Mexico [HTML] [PDF]
Austreberta Nazar-Beutelspacher, Dolores Molina-Rosales, Benito Salvatierra-Izaba, Emma Zapata-Martelo and David Halperin

Sexual Experiences and Their Correlates Among College Students in Mumbai City, India [HTML] [PDF]
Leena Abraham and K. Anil Kumar


Prevention First: A Three-Pronged Strategy To Integrate Family Planning Program Efforts Against HIV and Sexually Transmitted Infections [HTML] [PDF]
James D. Shelton


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