Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
International Family Planning Perspectives
Volume 25, Number 4, December 1999

Table of Contents


Promoting Birthspacing Among The Maya-Quiche of Guatemala [HTML] [PDF]
Jane Bertrand, Sandra Guerra de Salazar, Lidia Mazariegos, Ventura Salanic, Janet Rice and Christine Kolars Sow

Emergency Contraception: Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices Among Brazilian Obstetrician-Gynecologists [HTML] [PDF]
Loren Galvão, Juan Díaz, Margarita Díaz, Maria José Osis, Shelley Clark and Charlotte Ellertson

Measuring Unmet Need: Wives, Husbands or Couples? [HTML] [PDF]
Stan Becker

Men's Knowledge of and Attitudes Toward Birthspacing and Contraceptive Use in Jordan [HTML] [PDF]
Wasileh Petro-Nustas

Perceptions of Sexual Behavior and Knowledge About Sexually Transmitted Diseases Among Adolescents in Benin City, Nigeria [HTML] [PDF]
Miriam J. Temin, Friday E. Okonofua, Francesca O. Omorodion, Elisha P. Renne, Paul Coplan, H. Kris Heggenhougen and Joan Kaufman

Putting Unmet Need to the Test: Community-Based Distribution of Family Planning in Pakistan [HTML] [PDF]
James D. Shelton, Lois Bradshaw, Babar Hussein, Zeba Zubair, Tony Drexler and Mark Reade McKenna


The Bumpy Road from Cairo To Now [HTML] [PDF]
Michael Klitsch


How to Help Clients Obtain More Preventive Reproductive Health Care [HTML] [PDF]
Ricardo Vernon and James Foreit




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