Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
International Family Planning Perspectives
Volume 26, Number 1, March 2000

Table of Contents


Self-Assessment and Peer Review: Improving Indonesian Service Providers' Communication with Clients [HTML] [PDF]
Young Mi Kim, Fitri Putjuk, Endang Basuki and Adrienne Kols

Do Service Providers in Tanzania Unnecessarily Restrict Clients' Access to Contraceptive Methods? [HTML] [PDF]
Ilene S. Speizer, David R. Hotchkiss, Robert J. Magnani, Brian Hubbard and Kristen Nelson

Gender Differences in the Timing of First Intercourse: Data from 14 Countries [HTML] [PDF]
Susheela Singh, Deirdre Wulf, Renee Samara and Yvette P. Cuca

Use of a Spacing Method Before Sterilization Among Couples in Kerala, India [HTML] [PDF]
Francis Zavier and Sabu S. Padmadas

Is the Diaphragm a Viable Option for Women in Turkey? [HTML] [PDF]
Nuriye Ortayli, Aysen Bulut, Hacer Nalbant and Jane Cottingham


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In India, Poverty and Lack of Education Are Associated With Men's Physical and Sexual Abuse of Their Wives [HTML]

Severity of Genital Cutting Is Linked to Complications Experienced Later in Life [HTML]

Exclusively Breastfed Infants Are Less Likely Than Those Given Supplements to Contract HIV from Their Mother [HTML]

High Cesarean Section Rates In Brazil Result in Large Part From Nonclinical Factors [HTML]

Women's Exposure to Mass Media Is Linked to Attitudes Toward Contraception in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh [HTML]


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