Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
International Family Planning Perspectives
Volume 26, Number 2, June 2000

Table of Contents


Trends in the Demand for Family Limitation in Developing Countries [HTML] [PDF]
Charles F. Westoff and Akinrinola Bankole

Measuring Family Planning Service Quality Through Client Satisfaction Exit Interviews [HTML] [PDF]
Timothy Williams, Jessie Schutt-Aine and Yvette Cuca

Changes in Family-Building Patterns in Egypt and Morocco: A Comparative Analysis [HTML] [PDF]
Eltigani E. Eltigani

Consistency of Self-Reports of Sexual Activity Among Young Adolescents in Jamaica [HTML] [PDF]
Elizabeth Eggleston, Joan Leitch and Jean Jackson


Work in Progress: The Expansion of Access to Abortion Services in South Africa Following Legalization [HTML] [PDF]
Frances A. Althaus


Abortion Services in South Africa: Available Yet Not Accessible to All [HTML] [PDF]
Sanjani Jane Varkey


All in PDF

Two Approaches to Managing Vaginal Discharge Lead To Overtreatment, Missed Infections and Wasted Funds [HTML]

STDs Decline Among South African Migrant Workers After High-Risk Local Women Receive Treatment [HTML]

Once-a-Month Injectable Is Acceptable, Offers Effective Protection from Pregnancy [HTML]

Home-Based Neonatal Care by Village Health Workers In Rural India Reduces Deaths from Bacterial Infection [HTML]

Filipino Women Who Use a Modern Method Prefer the Pill or Tubal Sterilization [HTML]

Providers, Clients Okay Emergency Contraception in Nairobi and Mexico City [HTML]


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