Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
International Family Planning Perspectives
Volume 26, Number 3, September 2000

Table of Contents


Fertility Preferences and Contraceptive Change In Developing Countries [HTML] [PDF]
Bamikale Feyisetan and John B. Casterline

Islamic Precepts and Family Planning: The Perceptions Of Jordanian Religious Leaders and Their Constituents [HTML] [PDF]
Carol Underwood

Sexual Risk Behaviors Among Young PeopleIn Bamenda, Cameroon [HTML] [PDF]
Mburano Rwenge

Reproductive Decision-Making in the Context of HIV And AIDS: A Qualitative Study in Ndola, Zambia [HTML] [PDF]
Naomi Rutenberg, Ann E. Biddlecom and Frederick A. D. Kaona

Effectiveness of a Standard-Rule Method of Calendar Rhythm Among Mayan Couples in Guatemala [HTML] [PDF]
Marianne C. Burkhart, Lidia de Mazariegos, Sandra Salazar and Virginia M. Lamprecht


Abortion Politics and U.S. Population Aid: Coping with a Complex New Law [HTML] [PDF]
Susan A. Cohen


All in PDF

Early Medical Abortion Regimens Using Different Dosages of Mifepristone Are Equally Successful [HTML]

Most Infant HIV Infection From Breast Milk Occurs Within Six Weeks of Birth [HTML]

STD Rates Soar in China; Three in Four New Cases Are Among the Unmarried [HTML]

Egyptian Women Who Use an IUD Have a Higher Risk Of Anemia Than Those Who Rely on Other Methods [HTML]


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