Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
International Family Planning Perspectives
Volume 26, Number 4, December 2000

Table of Contents


Effects of an Entertainment-EducationRadio Soap Opera on Family Planning and HIV Prevention in St. Lucia [HTML] [PDF]
Peter W. Vaughan, Alleyne Regis and Edwin St. Catherine

Community-Based Distribution in Tanzania:Costs and Impacts of Alternative Strategies to Improve Worker Performance [HTML] [PDF]
Barbara Janowitz, Jane Chege, Andrew Thompson, Naomi Rutenberg and Rick Homan

Community-Based Distribution in Tanzania: Costs and Impacts of Alternative Strategies to Improve Worker Performance [HTML] [PDF]
Kate Burns, Serge Malé and Daniel Pierotti

Turning Point: A Special Report on the Refugee Reproductive Health Field [HTML] [PDF]
Laurel Schreck

Ensuring the Reproductive Rights of Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons: Legal and Policy Issues [HTML] [PDF]
Françoise Girard and Wilhelmina Waldman

Reproductive Health of War-Affected Populations: What Do We Know? [HTML] [PDF]
Therese McGinn

Programmatic Responses to Refugees' Reproductive Health Needs [HTML] [PDF]
Sandra K. Krause, Rachel K. Jones and Susan J. Purdin


Contraceptive Need Among Cambodian Refugees in Khao Phlu Camp [HTML] [PDF]
Virginia Morrison

Condom Use in Marital and Nonmarital Relationships in Zimbabwe [HTML] [PDF]
Jacob Adetunji


All in PDF

At Nicaraguan Motels Rented for Sexual Encounters, Making Condoms Available in Rooms Increases Use [HTML]

Changes in Bone Density From Hormonal Methods Are Small and Temporary [HTML]

HIV-Infected Partner's Viral Load Is the Main Factor In the Risk of Transmission in Heterosexual Couples [HTML]

Couples' Reports of Their Contraceptive Use: Do Husbands in Africa Overstate the Case? [HTML]

Multiple Gestations Are Associated with Adverse Outcomes for the Mother [HTML]


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