Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
International Family Planning Perspectives
Volume 27, Number 3, September 2001

Table of Contents

In This Issue 27(3) [HTML]
The Editors


Contraceptive Dynamics in Guatemala: 1978-1998 [HTML] [PDF]
Jane T. Bertrand, Eric Seiber and Gabriela Escudero

The Family Planning Program Effort Index: 1999 Cycle [HTML] [PDF]
John Ross and John Stover

What Influences Contraceptive Use Among Young Women In Urban Squatter Settlements of Karachi, Pakistan? [HTML] [PDF]
Fariyal F. Fikree, Amanullah Khan, Muhammad Masood Kadir, Fatima Sajan and Mohammad H. Rahbar

Effects of Sex Preference on Contraceptive Use, Abortion and Fertility in Matlab, Bangladesh [HTML] [PDF]
Radheshyam Bairagi


Induced Abortion in Urban Nepal [HTML] [PDF]
Shyam Thapa and Saraswati M. Padhye


Using Photographs to Strengthen Family Planning Research [HTML] [PDF]
Peter J. Donaldson


The Provider Perspective: Human After All [HTML] [PDF]
James D. Shelton


All in PDF

Thai Men Who Patronize Prostitutes Place Their Wives at Risk of HPV-Associated Cervical Cancer [HTML]

Female Condoms Remain Structurally Sound After Being Washed and Reused as Many as Seven Times [HTML]

Risk of HIV Transmission Is Raised by High Viral Load, Presence of Genital Ulcers [HTML]

In Kenya, the Risk of Poor Birth Outcomes Is Highest For a Woman's First Child [HTML]

Perceptions of Peer Behavior Predict Whether Peruvian Adolescents Have Had Sex [HTML]

A First Pregnancy May Be Difficult to Achieve After Long-Term Use of an IUD [HTML]

Short Anti-HIV Treatment Okay for Infant If Mother Receives Standard Regimen [HTML]


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