Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
International Family Planning Perspectives
Volume 27, Number 4, December 2001

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In This Issue 27(4) [HTML]
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The Acceptability of a Vaginal Microbicide Among South African Men [HTML] [PDF]
Gita Ramjee, Eleanor Gouws, Amy Andrews, Landon Myer and Amy E. Weber

Why Are Condoms Used, and How Many Are Needed? Estimates from Orissa, India [HTML] [PDF]
Martine Collumbien, Braj Das and Oona M.R. Campbell

Gender Differences in Adult Perspectives on Adolescent Reproductive Behaviors: Evidence from Lomé, Togo [HTML] [PDF]
Ilene S. Speizer, Stephanie A. Mullen and Kodjopatapa Amégee

The Impact of a Regional Family Planning Service Promotion Initiative in Sub-Saharan Africa:Evidence From Cameroon [HTML] [PDF]
Stella Babalola, Claudia Vondrasek, Jane Brown and Regina Traoré

The Persistence of a Service Delivery 'Culture': [HTML] [PDF]
Sidney Ruth Schuler, Lisa M. Bates and Md. Khairul Islam

Strategies for Detection of Sexually Transmitted Infection Among Family Planning Clients in Jamaica [HTML] [PDF]
Elizabeth Ward, Alan Spruyt, Laurie Fox, Laura Johnson, Emelita Wong, Frieda Behets, J. Peter Figueroa and Jo Morris


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Medical Abortion Regimen with Reduced Mifepristone Dose, Home Misoprostol Use Is Feasible and Effective [HTML]

Despite Symptoms, Many Kenyans Delay Treatment For STDs, Have Unsafe Sex [HTML]

Peer Training of Nurses Improves Immunization Coverage and Practices [HTML]

Risk Factors for Low-Grade Cervical Abnormalities Differ from Those for Human Papillomavirus Infection [HTML]

Maternal Zinc Supplements In Pregnancy Lower Risks Linked to Low Birth Weight [HTML]

Condoms Reduce Women's Risk of Herpes Infection, But Do Not Protect Men [HTML]

Many Women in Rural Gambia Have Reproductive Health Problems, but Few of Them Seek Treatment [HTML]

Douching Is Indirectly Linked to HIV Infection In Female Sex Workers [HTML]



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