Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
International Family Planning Perspectives
Volume 28, Number 1, March 2002

Table of Contents

In This Issue 28(1) [HTML]
The Editors

Brenner Brown and Frances Althau


Recent Changes in Heterosexual Attitudes, Norms and Behaviors Among Unmarried Thai Men:A Qualitative Analysis [HTML] [PDF]
Mark VanLandingham and Lea Trujillo

Spousal Communication and Family Planning Adoption: Effects of a Radio Drama Serial in Nepal [HTML] [PDF]
Mona Sharan and Thomas W. Valente

Reasons for the Low Level of IUD Use in El Salvador [HTML] [PDF]
Karen R. Katz, Laura M. Johnson, Barbara Janowitz and José Miguel Carranza

Contraceptive Method Choice in Developing Countries [HTML] [PDF]
John Ross, Karen Hardee, Elizabeth Mumford and Sherrine Eid


Population and Poverty: New Views on an Old Controversy [HTML] [PDF]
Thomas W. Merrick


All in PDF

Many Rural Ugandans with Genital Ulcers Fail to Seek Health Treatment or to Inform Their Sexual Partners [HTML]

During Prolonged Postnatal Abstinence, Risky Behavior Rises for Many African Men [HTML]

Women's Susceptibility To Some STDs Is Affected By Hormonal Method Use [HTML]

Half of Bangladeshi Women Who Discontinue Pill Use Attribute Their Decision to Side Effects [HTML]

Risks of Some Health Problems Are Elevated Among Implant Users [HTML]

Does Breastfeeding Affect the Health of HIV-Positive Women? Studies Disagree [HTML]

Oral Contraceptive Regimen That Doubles the Number of Hormonally Active Pills per Cycle Reduces Bleeding [HTML]


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