Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
International Family Planning Perspectives
Volume 28, Number 3, September 2002

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In This Issue 28(3) [HTML]
The Editors

Update [HTML]


Unmet Need for Contraception in the Developing World And the Former Soviet Union: An Updated Estimate [HTML] [PDF]
John A. Ross and William L. Winfrey

Abortion Care Services Provided by Registered Midwives in South Africa [HTML] [PDF]
Kim Dickson-Tetteh and Deborah L. Billings

Impact of Mass Media Campaigns on Intentions to Use The Female Condom in Tanzania [HTML] [PDF]
Sohail Agha and Ronan Van Rossem

Fertility Regulation Among Women in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire: Contraception, Abortion or Both? [HTML] [PDF]
Agnès Guillaume and Annabel Desgrées du Loû


Source of Maternal and Child Health Care as an Indicator of Ability to Pay for Family Planning [HTML] [PDF]
Karen G. Fleischman Foreit

When the Client Is Male: Client-Provider Interaction from a Gender Perspective [HTML] [PDF]
Karin Ringheim


All in PDF

Long-Term Pill Use, High Parity Raise Cervical Cancer Risk Among Women with Human Papillomavirus Infection [HTML]

Female Condom Use Rises If Women Receive Good Instruction and Training [HTML]

Use of Multiple Anti-HIV Drugs Does Not Raise Risk of Adverse Birth Outcomes [HTML]

Male Circumcision Reduces Risk of Both Acquiring And Transmitting Human Papillomavirus Infection [HTML]

Vietnamese Women with Symptoms of Reproductive Tract Invections Often Forgo Care or Treat Themselves [HTML]

Treatment of HIV-Positive Pregnant Women Lowers Infection Risk of Infants [HTML]


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