Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
International Family Planning Perspectives
Volume 29, Number 1, March 2003

Table of Contents

In This Issue 29(1) [HTML]
The Editors

Update 29(1) [HTML]
Trevor Lane


Relationships Between Contraception and Abortion: A Review of the Evidence [HTML] [PDF]
Cicely Marston and John Cleland

Reproductive Health Risk and Protective Factors Among Unmarried Youth in Ghana [HTML] [PDF]
Ali Mehryar Karim, Robert J. Magnani, Gwendolyn T. Morgan and Katherine C. Bond

Can Women's Childbearing and Contraceptive Intentions Predict Contraceptive Demand? Findings from A Longitudinal Study in Central India [HTML] [PDF]
T.K. Roy, F. Ram, Parveen Nangia, Uma Saha and Nizamuddin Khan

Sexual Health Experiences of Adolescents in Three Ghanaian Towns [HTML] [PDF]
Evam Kofi Glover, Angela Bannerman, Brian Wells Pence, Heidi Jones, Robert Miller, Eugene Weiss and Joana Nerquaye-Tetteh

Condom Use and the Accuracy of AIDS Knowledge In Côte d'Ivoire [HTML] [PDF]
Sara L. Zellner


All in PDF

Syndromic Diagnosis of Reproductive Tract Infections Leads to Substantial Unnecessary Treatment in VietNam [HTML]

Although Abortion Is Highly Restricted in Cameroon, It Is Not Uncommon Among Young Urban Women [HTML]

Bangladeshi Women Weigh A Variety of Factors When Choosing a Contraceptive [HTML]

Genital Cutting May Alter, Rather Than Eliminate, Women's Sexual Sensations [HTML]

Offering a Woman Sterilization During an Emergency Cesarean Section May Sometimes Be Appropriate [HTML]


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