Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
International Family Planning Perspectives
Volume 29, Number 2, June 2003

Table of Contents

In This Issue 29(2) [HTML]
The Editors

Update 29(2) [HTML]
Trevor Lane


Women's Networks and the Social World Of Fertility Behavior [HTML] [PDF]
Sangeetha Madhavan, Alayne Adams and Dominique Simon

Impact and Determinants of Sex Preference in Nepal [HTML] [PDF]
Tiziana Leone, Zoë Matthews and Gianpiero Dalla Zuanna

The Link Between Quality of Care and Contraceptive Use [HTML] [PDF]
Saumya RamaRao, Marlina Lacuesta, Marilou Costello, Blesilda Pangolibay and Heidi Jones

Knowledge and Perception of Emergency Contraception Among Female Nigerian Undergraduates [HTML] [PDF]
Michael E. Aziken, Patrick I. Okonta and Adedapo B.A. Ande


From Home to Clinic and from Family Planning to Family Health: Client and Community Responses to Health Sector Reforms in Bangladesh [HTML] [PDF]
Lisa M. Bates, Md. Khairul Islam, Ahmed Al-Kabir and Sidney Ruth Schuler


All in PDF

Substantial Proportions of Contraceptive Clinic Clients Would Try Methods That Can Cause Amenorrhea [HTML]

Intervention in Rural Uganda Is Effective Against Some Sexually Transmitted Infections, but Not Against HIV [HTML]

Cervical Cancer Risk Rises If Women with HPV Also Have Herpes Infection [HTML]

For Cameroonian Youth, Perceived Risk and Parental Support Boost Condom Use [HTML]

Three Differing Emergency Contraceptive Regimens Are Equally Effective [HTML]

Nairobi's Poorest Women Have Highest Level of Risky Sexual Behavior, Least Knowledge of HIV Prevention [HTML]


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