Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
International Family Planning Perspectives
Volume 29, Number 4, December 2003

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In This Issue 29(4) [HTML]
The Editors

Update 29(4) [HTML]
Trevor Lane


Unmet Need and Unintended Fertility: Longitudinal Evidence from Upper Egypt [HTML] [PDF]
John B. Casterline, Fatma El-Zanaty and Laila O. El-Zeini

Using Network Analysis to Understand Community-Based Programs: A Case Study from Highland Madagascar [HTML] [PDF]
Kirsten Stoebenau and Thomas W. Valente

The Psychosocial Context of Young Adult Sexual Behavior in Nicaragua: Looking Through the Gender Lens [HTML] [PDF]
Manju Rani, Maria Elena Figueroa and Robert Ainsle

Where Do Rural Women Obtain Postabortion Care? The Case of Uttar Pradesh, India [HTML] [PDF]
Heidi Bart Johnston, Rajani Ved, Neena Lyall and Kavita Agarwal


The Standard Days Method of Family Planning: A Response to Cairo [HTML] [PDF]
James N. Gribble


All in PDF

Misconceptions About Condom Efficacy Linked to High Risk of Unprotected Sex Among Chinese STD Patients [HTML]

Health of Children in Rural India May Reflect Whether Parents Have Met Their Goals for Family Composition [HTML]

Women Who Know a Person With AIDS Do Not Have Elevated Condom Use Rates [HTML]

In Zimbabwe, Substantial Minorities of Women Are Accepting of Wife-Beating [HTML]

In Asia, Child Mortality Is Not Linked to Women's Autonomy or Religion [HTML]

In South Africa, Having One Pap Smear Lowers Women's Chances of Cervical Cancer [HTML]


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