Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
International Family Planning Perspectives
Volume 30, Number 1, March 2004

Table of Contents

In This Issue 30(1) [HTML]
The Editors

Update 30(1) [HTML]
Trevor Lane


Unintended Pregnancy Among Newly Married Couples In Shanghai [HTML] [PDF]
Yan Che and John Cleland

Compression of Women's Reproductive Spans In Andhra Pradesh, India [HTML] [PDF]
Sabu S. Padmadas,Inge Hutter and Frans Willekens

Religious Affiliation and Extramarital Sex Among Men in Brazil [HTML] [PDF]
Zelee E. Hill, John Cleland and Mohamed M. Ali


Political Management in the Indonesian Family Planning Program [HTML] [PDF]
Jeremy Shiffman


Whatever Happened to Family Planning And, for That Matter, Reproductive Health [HTML] [PDF]
Duff G. Gillespie


Plateaus During the Rise of Contraceptive Prevalence [HTML] [PDF]
John Ross, Edward Abel and Katherine Abel


All in PDF

In Bangladesh, a Woman's Risk of Death Is Elevated For Two to Three Years After the Birth of Each Child [HTML]

Antenatal Education Helps Turkish Women Adopt Health-Promoting Behavior [HTML]

After Vasectomy, Sperm Clearance May Occur Later Than Previously Thought [HTML]

Midwife Care Is as Safe as Physician-Led Care for Nepalese Women with Low-Risk Pregnancies [HTML]

Indian Women Who Have Daughters but No Sons Face an Increased Risk of Marital Dissolution [HTML]

Filipino Couples' Traits Are Tied to Spousal Agreement On Pregnancy Wantedness [HTML]

Long-Term Use of Female Condom May Hinge Partly On Depth of Instruction [HTML]

Treating Common Vaginal Infections May Lower Women's Herpes Risk [HTML]


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