Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
International Family Planning Perspectives
Volume 31, Number 1, March 2005

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In This Issue 31(1) [HTML]
The Editors

Update [HTML]
Jared Rosenberg


Confronting the 'Sugar Daddy' Stereotype: Age and Economic Asymmetries and Risky Sexual Behavior in Urban Kenya [HTML] [PDF]
Nancy Luke

The Impact of Menstrual Side Effects on Contraceptive Discontinuation: Findings from a Longitudinal Study In Cairo, Egypt [HTML] [PDF]
Elizabeth Tolley, Sarah Loza, Laila Kafafi and Stirling Cummings

Risk Perception and Condom Use Among Married Or Cohabiting Couples in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa [HTML] [PDF]
Pranitha Maharaj and John Cleland

Factors Associated with Use of the Female Condom in Zimbabwe [HTML] [PDF]
Dominique Meekers and Kerry Richter


Does 'CNN' (Condoms, Needles, Negotiation) Work Better than 'ABC' (Abstinence, Being Faithful and Condom Use) in Attacking the AIDS Epidemic? [HTML] [PDF]
Steven W. Sinding


All in PDF

For Young South Africans, Opportunities May Have Unexpected Links to Sexual Behavior [HTML]

Odds of Penile HPV Are Reduced for Circumcised Men and Condom Users [HTML]

Vitamin A Supplementation Erases Gender Disparities In Child Mortality in Nepal [HTML]

For Young Mexican Men, Having a Confidant Raises The Odds of Condom Use [HTML]

HIV Infection Elevates Kenyan Sex Workers' STI Risk,Which Rises Further as Immunosuppression Increases [HTML]

Women's Lack of Control In Relationships May Lead To Inconsistent Condom Use [HTML]

Injectable Use May Increase Women's Odds of Getting Chlamydia or Gonorrhea [HTML]

Traditional Gender Roles And Intimate Partner Violence Linked in China [HTML]


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