Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
International Family Planning Perspectives
Volume 31, Number 3, September 2005

Table of Contents

In This Issue 31(3) [HTML]
The Editors

Update [HTML]
Jared Rosenberg


Contraceptive Use Among the Poor in Indonesia [HTML] [PDF]
Juan Schoemaker

Use of Family Planning Services in the Transition To a Static Clinic System in Bangladesh: 1998–2002 [HTML] [PDF]
Alex Mercer, Ali Ashraf, Nafisa Lira Huq, Fariha Haseen, AH Nowsher Uddin and Masud Reza

Gender Inequality and Intimate Partner Violence Among Women in Moshi, Tanzania [HTML] [PDF]
Laura Ann McCloskey, Corrine Williams and Ulla Larsen

Gender Relations and Reproductive Decision Making In Honduras [HTML] [PDF]
Ilene S. Speizer, Lisa Whittle and Marion Carter

The Incidence of Induced Abortion in the Philippines: Current Level and Recent Trends [HTML] [PDF]
Fatima Juarez, Josefina Cabigon, Susheela Singh and Rubina Hussain


All in PDF

Nutritional Counseling of Mothers at Health Facilities Reduces Childhood Stunting in Peruvian Shantytowns [HTML]

In Kenya, Community Traits Affect Women's Decisions On Daughters' Circumcision [HTML]

Safe-Delivery Intervention In Rural Pakistan Reduces The Risk of Perinatal Death [HTML]

Skills-Based Approaches Affect STI Risk Behavior More Than Information [HTML]

Women in Some Sub-Saharan African Countries Are More Likely Than Men to Justify Wife Beating [HTML]

Study Design May Cause Underestimate of Condom Efficacy Against STIs [HTML]

Extensive Genital Cutting Elevates Risk of Infertility Among Sudanese Women [HTML]


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