Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
International Family Planning Perspectives
Volume 32, Number 1, March 2006

Table of Contents

In This Issue: 32(1) [HTML]
The Editors

Update [HTML]
Jared Rosenberg


Adolescents' Use of Maternal and Child Health Services in Developing Countries [HTML] [PDF]
Heidi W. Reynolds, Emelita L. Wong and Heidi Tucker

Women's Position Within the Household as a Determinant Of Maternal Health Care Use in Nepal [HTML] [PDF]
Marie Furuta and Sarah Salway

Reasons for Condom Use Among Young People in KwaZulu-Natal: Prevention of HIV, Pregnancy or Both? [HTML] [PDF]
Pranitha Maharaj

Reproductive Knowledge, Attitudes and Behavior Among Adolescent Males in Tehran, Iran [HTML] [PDF]
Mohammad Reza Mohammadi, Kazem Mohammad, Farideh K.A. Farahani, Siamak Alikhani, Mohammad Zare, Fahimeh R. Tehrani, Ali Ramezankhani and Farshid Alaeddini

Gender Role Beliefs at Sexual Debut: Qualitative Evidence from Two Brazilian Cities [HTML] [PDF]
Ann M. Moore


All in PDF

Community Characteristics Help Shape Women's Decisions on Whether to Give Birth in a Health Facility [HTML]

Domestic Violence in India Is Linked to Individual and Community Factors [HTML]

Consistent Use of Condoms Lowers the Risk of Infection With Type 2 Herpes Virus [HTML]

Partner's Sexual Behavior Does Not Explain Elevated HIV Risk During Pregnancy [HTML]

Bangladeshi Men Whose Father Abused Their Mother Are More Likely to Be Violent Toward Their Own Wife [HTML]


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