Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
International Family Planning Perspectives
Volume 32, Number 4, December 2006

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In This Issue 32(4) [HTML]

Update [HTML]
Jared Rosenberg


Continuity and Change in Premarital Sex in Vietnam [HTML] [PDF]
Sharon Ghuman, Vu Manh Loi, Vu Tuan Huy and John Knodel

Unwanted Pregnancy and Associated Factors Among Nigerian Women [HTML] [PDF]
Gilda Sedgh, Akinrinola Bankole, Boniface Oye-Adeniran, Isaac F. Adewole, Susheela Singh and Rubina Hussain

Using Strength of Fertility Motivations to Identify Family Planning Program Strategies [HTML] [PDF]
Ilene S. Speizer

Relationship Between HIV Risk Perception and Condom Use: Evidence from a Population-Based Survey in Mozambique [HTML] [PDF]
Ndola Prata, Leo Morris, Elizio Mazive, Farnaz Vahidnia and Mark Stehr

Domestic Violence and Symptoms of Gynecologic Morbidity Among Women in North India [HTML] [PDF]
Rob Stephenson, Michael A. Koenig and Saifuddin Ahmed


Choice Is Empowering: Getting Strategic About Preventing HIV Infection in Women [HTML] [PDF]
Erica L. Gollub


All in PDF

In West Africa, Single-Dose Antibiotic Treats Vaginal Discharge as Effectively as Multiple-Dose Treatment [HTML]

In Developing Countries, Most Early Neonatal Deaths Are Caused by Prematurity [HTML]

In India, Men's Sexual Behavior Puts Their Wives' Reproductive Health at Risk [HTML]

Risk of Death or HIV Infection Similar for Two Infant Feeding Regimens [HTML]

In Honduras, Knowledge of Emergency Contraception Increases, but Use Does Not [HTML]


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