Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
International Family Planning Perspectives
Volume 33, Number 2, June 2007

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Constrained Contraceptive Choice: IUD Prevalence in Uzbekistan [HTML] [PDF]
Jennifer Barrett and Cynthia Buckley

HIV/AIDS-Related Knowledge, Attitudes And Sexual Behaviors as Predictors of Condom Use Among Young Adults in Croatia [HTML] [PDF]
Aleksander Stulhofer, Cynthia Graham, Ivana Bozicevic, Kresimir Kufrin and Dean Ajdukovic

Timeliness of Contraceptive Reinjections in South Africa And Its Relation to Unintentional Discontinuation [HTML] [PDF]
Joy Noel Baumgartner, Chelsea Morroni, Regina Dlakulu Mlobeli, Conrad Otterness, Landon Myer, Barbara Janowitz, John Stanback and Geoffrey Buga

Maternal Health and Care-Seeking Behavior In Bangladesh: Findings from a National Survey [HTML] [PDF]
Michael A. Koenig, Kanta Jamil, Peter K. Streatfield, Tulshi Saha, Ahmed Al-Sabir, Shams El Arifeen, Ken Hill and Yasmin Haque


Wealth, Wealth Indices and HIV Risk in East Africa [HTML] [PDF]
Jeffrey B. Bingenheimer


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Exclusive Breast-Feeding Is Safer Than Mixed Feeding For Infants Born to HIV-Positive Mothers [HTML]

In Tanzania, Use of Multivitamins Reduces Risk of Low Birth Weight and Maternal Anemia [HTML]

In Rural Area of Zimbabwe, Casual Sex May Explain Early Sex–HIV Risk Link [HTML]

Herpes Simplex Infection Increases HIV Risk for Men Who Have Sex with Men [HTML]

In France, Over-the-Counter Emergency Contraception Increases Access, Not Risk [HTML]

In South Africa, Some HIV Risk Factors Also Predict Intimate Partner Violence [HTML]

Lowest-Dose Birth Control Pills Provide the Greatest Ovarian Cancer Protection [HTML]


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