Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
International Family Planning Perspectives
Volume 33, Number 3, September 2007

Table of Contents

In This Issue 33(3) [HTML]



HIV Risk Perceptions and First Sexual Intercourse Among Youth in Cape Town South Africa [HTML] [PDF]
Kermyt G. Anderson, Ann M. Beutel and Brendan Maughan-Brown

Legal Abortion Worldwide: Incidence and Recent Trends [HTML] [PDF]
Gilda Sedgh, Stanley K.Henshaw, Susheela Singh, Akinrinola Bankole and Joanna Drescher

Changes in Contraceptive Method Mix In Developing Countries [HTML] [PDF]
Eric E. Seiber, Jane T. Bertrand and Tara M.Sullivan

Consent and Coercion: Examining Unwanted Sex Among Married Young Women in India [HTML] [PDF]
K.G. Santhya, Nicole Haberland, F. Ram, R.K. Sinha and S.K. Mohanty


The Pleasure Deficit: Revisiting the "Sexuality Connection" in Reproductive Health [HTML] [PDF]
Jenny A. Higgins and Jennifer S. Hirsch


All in PDF

Bangladeshi Husbands’ Work Migration Is Linked To Elevated Levels of Risky Behavior for Both Spouses [HTML]

Government-Funded Care Is Linked to Higher Perinatal Mortality Risk in Brazil [HTML]

Female and Male Condoms Offer Similar Protection Against Exposure to Semen [HTML]

Among HIV-Infected South Africans, Nondisclosure Is Linked to Risky Behavior [HTML]

Sub-Saharan Africa and Eurasia Lag Behind Other Regions in Use of Skilled Attendants at Delivery [HTML]

Among Bangladeshi Men, Wife Abuse Is Associated With Extramarital Sex [HTML]


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