Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
International Family Planning Perspectives
Volume 34, Number 3, September 2008

Table of Contents

In This Issue 34(3) [HTML]

Update [HTML]


Developments in Laws on Induced Abortion: 1998–2007 [HTML] [PDF]
Reed Boland and Laura Katzive

Does Community Clustering Mitigate the Negative Effect Of Poverty on Adolescent Condom Use in South Africa? [HTML] [PDF]
Amara L. Robinson and Eric E. Seiber

Husband-Wife Agreement, Power Relations and Contraceptive Use in Turkey [HTML] [PDF]
Andrzej Kulczycki

Consistency and Predictive Ability of Fertility Preference Indicators: Longitudinal Evidence from Rural India [HTML] [PDF]
Tarun K. Roy, R.K. Sinha, Michael Koenig, Sanjay K. Mohanty and Sangram K. Patel


All in PDF

Most Heterosexual HIV Transmission in Urban Rwanda And Zambia Occurs in Married or Cohabiting Couples [HTML]

Lifetime Abortion Rate In Iran Is Estimated to Be One Per Four Women [HTML]

Pregnancy and Marriage Are Not the Main Reasons For Leaving School in Africa [HTML]

Risk Factors for Recent HIV Infection in Uganda Include Marital Status and Herpes [HTML]

Fertility Declines Have Stalled in Many Countries in Sub-Saharan Africa [HTML]

Nevirapine Regimen Reduces Risk of HIV Transmission From Breast-Feeding–At Least in the Short Term [HTML]

Hand Washing May Reduce Risk of Infant Death in Home Births in Nepal [HTML]


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