Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
International Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health
Volume 35, Number 1, March 2009

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Evaluation of Berhane Hewan: A Program to Delay Child Marriage in Rural Ethiopia [html] [pdf]
Annabel S. Erulkar and Eunice Muthengi

Inadequate Use of Prenatal Services Among Brazilian Women: The Role of Maternal Characteristics [html] [pdf]
Diego G. Bassani, Pamela J. Surkan and Maria Teresa A. Olinto

The Influence of Early Sexual Debut and Sexual Violence On Adolescent Pregnancy: A Matched Case-Control Study In Jamaica [html] [pdf]
Joy Noel Baumgartner, Cynthia Waszak Geary, Heidi Tucker and Maxine Wedderburn

The Relationship of Family Size and Composition To Fertility Desires, Contraceptive Adoption and Method Choice in South Asia [html] [pdf]
Anuja Jayaraman, Vinod Mishra and Fred Arnold


A Response to Critics of Family Planning Programs [html] [pdf]
John Bongaarts and Steven W. Sinding


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Countries with a Reputation for Strong Leadership on AIDS Policies Usually Deserve Their Standing [html]

In Africa, Adolescents Who Have Premarital Sex Show Higher Dropout Rates [html]

Microbicide Shows No Protective Effect in South African Clinical Trial [html]

Risk of Fetal Loss Is Elevated Among Women in Cameroon Abused by Intimate Partner [html]

Audio Computer-Assisted Self-Interviews Do Not Necessarily Yield Higher Reports of Sensitive Behaviors [html]

Universal Access to HIV Therapy May Reduce The Stigma of Infection [html]


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