Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
International Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health
Volume 35, Number 4, December 2009

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Wanted and Unwanted Fertility in Bolivia: Does Ethnicity Matter [html] [pdf]
Catherine B. McNamee

The Influence of Wives' and Husbands' Education Levels On Contraceptive Method Choice in Nepal, 1996-2006 [html] [pdf]
Bina Gubhaju

Social Exclusion and Early or Unwanted Sexual Initiation Among Poor Urban Females in Ethiopia [html] [pdf]
Annabel Erulkar and Abebaw Ferede

Perceptions of Policymakers in Nigeria Toward Unsafe Abortion and Maternal Mortality [html] [pdf]
Friday E. Okonofua, Afolabi Hammed, Emily Nzeribe, Buba Saidu, Tajudeen Abass, Gabriel Adeboye, Temi Adegun and Chike Okolocha


Stalled Decline in Fertility in Ecuador [html] [pdf]
Kanako Ishida, Paul Stupp and Jose Ordon├ęz Sotomayor


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In Malawi, Condom Use and Fidelity Are Linked with Religious Leaders' Discussions of These Behaviors [html]

Early Postpartum Visits from Community Health Workers Reduce Neonatal Mortality in Bangladesh [html]

Women Have Unprotected Intercourse Less Frequently After Testing HIV Positive [html]

Heterosexual Anal Sex is Associated with HIV Infection in South Africa [html]

After Prenatal HIV Testing, Women Are More Likely To Discuss STIs with Partner [html]

South African Women Living in Areas with High Levels of Sexual Violence Are at Risk for HIV, Early Pregnancy [html]


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