Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
International Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health
Volume 36, Number 1, March 2010

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Caring for Women with Abortion Complications in Ethiopia: National Estimates and Future Implications [html] [pdf]
Hailemichael Gebreselassie, Tamara Fetters, Susheela Singh, Ahmed Abdella, Yirgu Gebrehiwot, Solomon Tesfaye, Takele Geressu and Solomon Kumbi

The Estimated Incidence of Induced Abortion In Ethiopia, 2008 [html] [pdf]
Susheela Singh, Tamara Fetters, Hailemichael Gebreselassie, Ahmed Abdella, Yirgu Gebrehiwot, Solomon Kumbi and Suzette Audam

Adolescent Sexual Behavior and Reproductive Outcomes In Central America: Trends over the Past Two Decades [html] [pdf]
Ghazaleh Samandari and Ilene S. Speizer

Indonesian Couples' Pregnancy Ambivalence and Contraceptive Use [html] [pdf]
Janine L. Barden-O'Fallon and Ilene S. Speizer

Postabortion Family Planning: Addressing the Cycle of Repeat Unintended Pregnancy and Abortion [html] [pdf]
Carolyn Curtis, Douglas Huber and Tamarah Moss-Knight


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Prevalence of Female Genital Cutting Declines in Senegalese Villages Following Educational Program [html]

Ugandan Trial Suggests Home-Based HIV Care Is Effective and Reduces Costs [html]

Intimate Partner Violence Against Mothers Associated with Child Death in India [html]

Option of Covert Use Is an "Important" Advantage of the Diaphragm in Africa [html]

In Malawi, the Desire to Have a Child Falls After a Positive HIV Test [html]

Intravaginal Washes with Chlorhexidine May Not Reduce Neonatal Sepsis in Low-Resource Settings [html]


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