Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
International Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health
Volume 36, Number 3, September 2010

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The Role of Social Support and Parity in Contraceptive Use in Cambodia [HTML] [PDF]
Ghazaleh Samandari, Ilene S. Speizer and Kathryn O'Connell

Associations Between Early Marriage and Young Women's Marital and Reproductive Health Outcomes: Evidence from India [HTML] [PDF]
K.G. Santhya, Usha Ram, Rajib Acharya, Shireen J. Jejeebhoy, Faujdar Ram and Abhishek Singh

Self-Reported Abortion-Related Morbidity: A Comparison of Measures in Madhya Pradesh, India [HTML] [PDF]
Laura Nyblade, Jeffrey Edmeades and Erin Pearson

Introducing Female Condoms to Female Sex Workers in Central America [HTML] [PDF]
Natasha Mack, Thomas G. Grey, Alexis Amsterdam, Nancy Williamson and Claudia Interiano Matta


Masturbation: Breaking the Silence [HTML] [PDF]
James D. Shelton


All in PDF

Neonatal Mortality Declined and Antenatal Visits Rose After Initiation of India's Safe Motherhood Program [HTML]

Microbicidal Gel Reduces Women's HIV Risk by 54% In South African Trial [HTML]

Antiretroviral Therapy May Lower HIV Transmission Risk Within Couples [HTML]

Female Genital Mutilation Complications Lead to Lost Lives and High Costs [HTML]

Men with HPV May Have Elevated HIV Risk, Kenyan Study Reveals [HTML]

Predictors of Condom Use Among Kenyan Adolescents Are Wide-Ranging, Vary by Gender [HTML]


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