Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
International Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health
Volume 37, Number 2, June 2011

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Contraceptive Discontinuation and Unintended Pregnancy: An Imperfect Relationship [HTML] [PDF]
Siân Curtis, Emily Evens and William Sambisa

Emergency Contraceptive Pills: Knowledge and Attitudes Of Pharmacy Personnel in Managua, Nicaragua [HTML] [PDF]
Nina Ehrle and Malabika Sarker

How Often and Under Which Circumstances Do Mexican Pharmacy Vendors Recommend Misoprostol To Induce an Abortion? [HTML] [PDF]
Diana Lara, Sandra G. García, Kate S. Wilson and Francisco Paz

Legal Abortion Worldwide in 2008: Levels and Recent Trends [HTML] [PDF]
Gilda Sedgh, Susheela Singh, Stanley K. Henshaw and Akinrinola Bankole


Niger: Too Little, Too Late [HTML] [PDF]
Malcolm Potts, Virginia Gidi, Martha Campbell and Sarah Zureick


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Positive Relationships with Husband and In-Laws Linked to Women's Use of Maternal Health Services [HTML]

Parent-Child Discussions About Sexuality Are Uncommon in Vietnam [HTML]

More Than Four in 10 Honduran Women Discontinue Their Contraceptive Method Within the First Year of Use [HTML]

In Swaziland, Closeness to Mother and Being in School Linked to Lower Risk of Sexual Violence Before Age 18 [HTML]

Counseling on STI Referral Is Linked to Increase In Partner Testing Rate [HTML]

South African Women's Childbearing Plans Are Unrelated to ART Use [HTML]


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