Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health
Volume 34, Number 3, May/June 2002

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In This Issue [html]
The Editors

FYI [html]
Dore Hollander


Friendships and Early Relationships: Links to Sexual Initiation AmongAmerican Adolescents Born to Young Mothers [html] [pdf]
Elizabeth C. Cooksey, Frank L. Mott and Stefanie A. Neubauer

Employment and the Sexual and Reproductive Behavior of Female Adolescents [html] [pdf]
Lauren M. Rich and Sun-Bin Kim

Contraceptive Method Switching in the United States [html] [pdf]
William R. Grady, John O. G. Billy and Daniel H. Klepinger


Predictors of Contraceptive Discontinuation in a Sexually Transmitted Disease Clinic Population [html] [pdf]
Karen C. Ramstrom, Anna E. Barón, Lori A. Crane and Judith C. Shlay


Mifepristone for Early Medical Abortion: Experiences in France, Great Britain and Sweden [html] [pdf]
Rachel K. Jones and Stanley K. Henshaw


How Can Pharmacies Improve Access To Emergency Contraception? [html] [pdf]
Jane E. Boggess


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Among Sexually Experienced Male Adolescents, Those With Partners of Both Sexes Exhibit Riskiest Behavior [html]

Use of Any Combined Pill Type Confers an Elevated Risk of a First Heart Attack [html]

Disadvantages from Very Low Birth Weight Last Into Young Adulthood [html]

Teenagers Report a Mix Of Ethnicities and Ages Among Their Partners [html]

Female Condom Use Rises If Women Receive Good Instruction and Training [html]

Breast Cancer Risk Tied To Long-Term Hormone Use After Menopause [html]

Age at First Sex and Human Papillomavirus Infection Linked Through Behavioral Factors and Partner's Traits [html]

Phone Notification Option Encourages Youth at Risk Of HIV to Get Test Results [html]


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