Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health
Volume 34, Number 4, July/August 2002

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In This Issue [HTML]
The Editors

Dore Hollander


Is Lack of Sexual Assertiveness Among Adolescent And Young Adult Women a Cause for Concern? [HTML] [PDF]
Vaughn I. Rickert, Rupal Sanghvi and Constance M. Wiemann

The Transition of Adolescent Males To First Sexual Intercourse: Anticipated or Delayed? [HTML] [PDF]
Renata Forste and David W. Haas

Factors Affecting British Teenagers' Contraceptive Use at First Intercourse:The Importance of Partner Communication [HTML] [PDF]
Nicole Stone and Roger Ingham

Consequences for Infants of Parental Disagreement In Pregnancy Intention [HTML] [PDF]
Sanders Korenman, Robert Kaestner and Ted Joyce


The Extent of Pregnancy Mistiming and Its Association With Maternal Characteristics and Behaviors And Pregnancy Outcomes [HTML] [PDF]
LeaVonne Pulley, Lorraine V. Klerman, Hao Tang and Beth A. Baker


Sexual Assertiveness and Adolescents' Sexual Rights [HTML] [PDF]
Patricia East and Joyce Adams


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Long-Term Pill Use, High Parity Raise Cervical Cancer Risk Among Women with Human Papillomavirus Infection [HTML]

HIV-Related Stigma Falls, But Some Misperceptions About Transmission Persist [HTML]

Not All Infants Born to Women with Preeclampsia Are Low-Birth-Weight; Gestational Age Is a Key Factor [HTML]

Circumcision May Lower Risk of Both Acquiring and Transmitting HPV [HTML]

Jail-Based Syphilis Services Can Benefit Both Arrestees And the Larger Community [HTML]

Prenatal Cocaine and Opiate Use Are Linked to a Wide Variety of Health Hazards [HTML]

Risk of Low or Very Low Birth Weight Rises After Assisted Reproduction [HTML]

Chlamydia Rates in Public Clinics: Repeat Infections Exceed New Diagnoses [HTML]


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