Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health
Volume 35, Number 1, January/February 2003

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Abortion Incidence and Services in the United States in 2000 [html] [pdf]
Lawrence B. Finer and Stanley K. Henshaw

The Accessibility of Abortion Services in the United States, 2001 [html] [pdf]
Stanley K. Henshaw and Lawrence B. Finer


The Public Health Impact of Legal Abortion: 30 Years Later [html] [pdf]
Willard Cates, Jr., David A. Grimes and Kenneth F. Schulz


Roe v. Wade at 30: What Are the Prospects for Abortion Provision? [html] [pdf]
Carole Joffe


Reflections of a Provider Before and Since Roe: From the Voices of Choice Archive [html] [pdf]
Erica Pelletreau


Abortion: Teaching Why as Well as How [html] [pdf]
Felicia H. Stewart and Philip D. Darney


Beyond Apocalypse and Apology: A Moral Defense of Abortion [html] [pdf]
Caitlin Borgmann and Catherine Weiss


Convincing New Providers to Offer Medical Abortion: What Will It Take? [html] [pdf]
Francine Coeytaux, Kirsten Moore and Lillian Gelberg


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Timing, Amount of Teenage Alcohol or Marijuana Use May Make Future Risky Sex More Likely [html]

Complication Rate Is Lower For Surgical Than Medical Second-Trimester Abortion [html]

High Proportions of College Men Using Condoms Report Errors and Problems [html]

Despite Having Received Relevant Education, Youth Lack Knowledge of STDs [html]

Youngest Mothers' Infants Have Greatly Elevated Risk of Dying by Age One [html]

Contraceptive Ring Found Safe, Effective; Most Users Would Recommend It [html]

Availability of Emergency Contraception Through Student Health Centers Is Growing, but Gaps Remain [html]

Mothers Exert More Influence on Timing of First Intercourse Among Daughters Than Among Sons [html]

Pill Use Protects Against Ovarian Cancer; Hormone Therapy Increases Risk [html]



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