Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health
Volume 37, Number 2, June 2005

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Dore Hollander


Worksite-Based Parenting Programs to Promote Healthy Adolescent Sexual Development: A Qualitative Study of Feasibility and Potential Content [html] [pdf]
Karen L. Eastman, Rosalie Corona, Gery W. Ryan, Avra L. Warsofsky and Mark A.Schuster

Availability of Services for Emergency Contraceptive Pills at High School–Based Health Centers [html] [pdf]
Susan K. McCarthy, Susan K. Telljohann, Barbara Coventry and James Price

Poor Knowledge Regarding the Pap Test Among Low-Income Women Undergoing Routine Screening [html] [pdf]
Carmen Radecki Breitkopf, Heidi C. Pearson and Daniel M. Breitkopf

Evaluation of a Peer Provider Reproductive Health Service Model for Adolescents [html] [pdf]
Claire D. Brindis, Sara Peterson Geierstanger, Nicole Wilcox, Virginia McCarter and Alan Hubbard

Advanced Practice Clinicians' Interest in Providing Medical Abortion: Results of a California Survey [html] [pdf]
Ann C. Hwang, Atsuko Koyama, Diana Taylor, Jillian T. Henderson and Suellen Miller


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Low-Birth-Weight Risk and Mother's Nativity Status: Associations Vary by Race, Ethnicity and Education [html]

Detention Facilities Offer a Window to Screen Youth at High Risk for STDs [html]

Many Parents of Teenagers Think Parental Involvement Laws Will Increase Risks [html]

Hospital-Based Clinic Visits by Women Seldom Include Routine Screening for STDs [html]

Teenagers' Sexual Behavior Might Become More Risky if Parents Had to Know of Family Planning Clinic Visits [html]

For Male and Female Condoms, Failure Rates Fall as Users' Experience Grows [html]

Prepregnancy Health Status Has Strong Associations with Preterm Delivery Risk [html]


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