Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health
Volume 38, Number 4, December 2006

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In this Issue [HTML]

FYI 38(4) [HTML]
Dore Hollander


Changes in Formal Sex Education: 1995-2002 [HTML] [PDF]
Laura Duberstein Lindberg, John S. Santelli and Susheela Singh

Social, Demographic and Situational Characteristics Associated with Inconsistent Use of Oral Contraceptives: Evidence from France [HTML] [PDF]
Caroline Moreau, Jean Bouyer, Fabien Gilbert, the COCON Group and Nathalie Bajos

Young Teenagers and Older Sexual Partners: Correlates and Consequences for Males and Females [HTML] [PDF]
Jennifer Manlove, Elizabeth Terry-Humen and Erum Ikramullah

Acculturation and the Sexual and Reproductive Health Of Latino Youth in the United States: A Literature Review [HTML] [PDF]
Aimee Afable-Munsuz and Claire D. Brindis


Expanding Access to Emergency Contraception Through State Systems: The Washington State Experience [HTML] [PDF]
Marian Weldin, Jane Hutchings, Maxine Hayes, Sharon McAllister, Cynthia Harris and Diana Larsen-Mills


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Urban Parents, Particularly Those Who Are Unmarried, Frequently Have Children by Multiple Partners [HTML]

Education Program Design May Benefit from Health Professionals' Involvement [HTML]

In France, Over-the-Counter Emergency Contraception lncreases Access, Not Risk [HTML]

Young Female Medicaid Enrollees Seeking Reproductive Health Services Are at Risk of Abuse, Criminal Activity [HTML]

Frequent Male Condom Use Decreases Women's Risk of HPV Infection [HTML]

Young Adults Who Lack Continuous Health Insurance Coverage Have an Elevated Risk of Chlamydia Infection [HTML]

Symptoms of Depression In Middle School Teenagers Linked to Risky Behavior [HTML]



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