Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health
Volume 40, Number 3, September 2008

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Pleasure, Prophylaxis and Procreation: A Qualitative Analysis of Intermittent Contraceptive Use And Unintended Pregnancy [HTML] [PDF]
Jenny A. Higgins, Jennifer S. Hirsch, James Trussell

Prior Pill Experiences and Current Continuation Among Pill Restarters [HTML] [PDF]
Debra Kalmuss, Shelly Koenemann, Carolyn Westhoff, Stephen Heartwell, Sharon Edwards, Mimi Zieman, Linda Cushman, Christina Robilotto, Gretchen Stuart

Recent Evaluations of the Peer-Led Approach in Adolescent Sexual Health Education: A Systematic Review [HTML] [PDF]
Caron R. Kim and Caroline Free

Timing of Sexual Debut and Initiation Of Postsecondary Education by Early Adulthood [HTML] [PDF]
Aubrey L. Spriggs and Carolyn Tucker Halpern

Implementing an Advance Emergency Contraception Policy: What Happens in the Real World? [HTML] [PDF]
Paul G. Whittaker, Kay A. Armstrong and Janet Adams

Associations Between Low-Income Women’s Relationship Characteristics and Their Contraceptive Use [HTML] [PDF]
Ellen K. Wilson and Helen P. Koo


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Prevalence of Sexual Risk Behaviors Among U.S. High School Students Declined Between 1991 and 2007 [HTML]

Past Academic, Drug-Related and Sexual Behaviors Predict Risky Sex After High School [HTML]

Internet Use Assists Men's Meeting of Male Sex Partners, but Does Not Promote Unprotected Sex [HTML]

STDs Among Young Adults Linked to Childhood and Teenage Risk Factors [HTML]

Computer-Assisted Surveys may Expand Understanding of STD Risks and Incidence [HTML]

Vertical Transmission Rate is Low When Pregnant Women Get HIV Therapy [HTML]

Hepatitis B Immunization Coverage Low Among Men Who Have Sex with Men [HTML]


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