Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health
Volume 41, Number 2, June 2009

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FYI 41(2) [HTML]


Sexual Risk-Taking Among Adult Dating Couples In the United States [HTML] [PDF]
John O. G. Billy, William R. Grady and Morgan E. Sill

Intimate Partner Violence Among Economically Disadvantaged Young Adult Women: Associations With Adolescent Risk-Taking and Pregnancy Experiences [HTML] [PDF]
Lydia O'Donnell, Gail Agronick, Richard Duran, Athi Myint-U and Ann Stueve

It's Better on TV: Does Television Set Teenagers Up for Regret Following Sexual Initiation? [HTML] [PDF]
Steven C. Martino, Rebecca L. Collins, Marc N. Elliott, David E. Kanouse and Sandra H. Berry

Second Births to Teenage Mothers: Risk Factors For Low Birth Weight and Preterm Birth [HTML] [PDF]
Susan N. Partington, Dale L. Steber, Kathleen A. Blair and Ron A. Cisler

Barriers to Adolescents' Getting Emergency Contraception Through Pharmacy Access in California: Differences by Language and Region [HTML] [PDF]
Olivia Sampson, Sandy K. Navarro, Amna Khan, Norman Hearst, Tina R. Raine, Marji Gold, Suellen Miller and Heike Thiel de Bocanegra

Minors' Behavioral Responses to Parental Involvement Laws: Delaying Abortion Until Age 18 [HTML] [PDF]
Silvie Colman and Ted Joyce


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Two Community-Based Initiatives Fail to Increase Breast-Feeding Levels Among Disadvantaged Women [HTML]

Pill Use in the Month Before Conception Linked To Risk of Low Birth Weight, Preterm Delivery [HTML]

Among Arab American Mothers, Foreign Birth, Marriage May Explain Reduced Risk of Preterm Birth [HTML]

In the Period Before Age 21, Women, but Not Men, May Have Elevated STD Risks [HTML]

Even at Term, Timing Of Cesarean Is Linked To Adverse Outcomes [HTML]

Heterosexual Latino Men's Same-Sex Behavior May Put Their Partners at Risk [HTML]



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