Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health
Volume 42, Number 2, June 2010

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Sex Redefined: The Reclassification of Oral-Genital Contact
Jason D. Hans, Martie Gillen and Katrina Akande  [abstract]

Medicaid Funding for Abortion: Providers' Experiences with Cases Involving Rape, Incest and Life Endangerment
Deborah Kacanek, Amanda Dennis, Kate Miller and Kelly Blanchard  [abstract]

History of Forced Sex and Recent Sexual Risk Indicators Among Young Adult Males
Laureen H. Smith and Jodi Ford  [abstract]

The Association of Socioemotional Problems With Early Sexual Initiation
Jane D. McLeod and Syndee Knight  [abstract]

Withdrawal Attitudes and Experiences: A Qualitative Perspective Among Young Urban Adults
Paul G. Whittaker, Rebecca D. Merkh, Dare Henry-Moss and Linda Hock-Long  [abstract]

Lowering the Risk of Secondary HIV Transmission: Insights From HIV-Positive Youth and Health Care Providers
Amy D. Leonard, Christine M. Markham, Thanh Bui, Ross Shegog and Mary E. Paul  [abstract]

"We're the Heroes!": Fathers' Perspectives on Their Role In Protecting Their Preteenage Children from Sexual Risk
Ellen K. Wilson, Barbara T. Dalberth and Helen P. Koo  [abstract]

Abstinence and Teenagers: Prevention Counseling Practices of Health Care Providers Serving High-Risk Patients in the United States
Cynthia C. Harper, Jillian T. Henderson, Amy Schalet, Davida Becker, Laura Stratton and Tina R. Raine  [abstract]


Women's Odds of Dual Contraceptive Use Vary By Their Choice of Highly Effective Method
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Current Partner's HPV Status Is the Strongest Predictor of HPV Infection
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New Method Is as Effective As Levonorgestrel After Unprotected Intercourse
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Theory-Based Abstinence-Only Intervention May Delay Sexual Initiation Among Black Urban Youth
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The HPV Vaccine May Be Underutilized by Certain Subgroups of Insured Youth
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Concurrent Partnerships And High-Risk HPV: Link Varies by Race, Ethnicity
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Middle School Prevention Program Reduces Risk That Youth Will Begin Sexual Activity by Ninth Grade
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