Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health
Volume 45, Number 1, March 2013

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Intimate Partner Violence and Anal Intercourse In Young Adult Heterosexual Relationships
Kristen L. Hess, Marjan Javanbakht, Joelle M. Brown, Robert E. Weiss, Paul Hsu and Pamina M. Gorbach  [abstract]

Legal Abortion Levels and Trends By Woman's Age at Termination
Gilda Sedgh, Akinrinola Bankole, Susheela Singh and Michelle Eilers  [abstract]

Young Women's Perceptions of the Benefits Of Childbearing: Associations with Contraceptive Use and Pregnancy
Corinne H. Rocca, Cynthia C. Harper, Tina R. Raine-Bennett  [abstract]

Effectiveness of a Brief Curriculum to Promote Condom and Health Care Use Among Out-of-School Young Adult Males
Arik V. Marcell, Elizabeth Allan, Eric A. Clay, Catherine Watson, Freya L. Sonenstein  [abstract]

Racial and Ethnic Variation in Unmarried Young Adults’ Motivation to Avoid Pregnancy
Sarah R. Hayford, Karen Benjamin Guzzo  [abstract]


Contraceptive Use Is Vital for Many Reasons Among Clients of Publicly Funded Family Planning Clinics
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Demonstration Projects Show Results in Reducing Repeat Youth Pregnancy
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Teenagers Are Apparently Not at Increased Risk Of Poor Birth Outcomes
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One in Nine New Mothers In Canada Were Abused Around Time of Pregnancy
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Instructors Who Have Been Trained to Teach About HIV Prevention Have the Highest Confidence Levels
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U.S.-Born Blacks Have Higher HIV Rates Than West Indian Immigrants
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Uneven Burden of New HIV Infection in the United States Is Borne by 13–24-Year-Olds
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