Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

Guttmacher Exchange

The Intersection of Domestic Violence and Sexual and Reproductive Health

“The Intersection of Domestic Violence and Sexual and Reproductive Health,” a roundtable discussion organized by the Guttmacher Institute and the Family Violence Prevention Fund, attracted more than 70 health care providers, researchers, advocates, program directors and legal experts to discuss the impact of intimate partner violence on sexual and reproductive health. Among the topics addressed were the loss of control of personal reproductive health choices for women involved in violent relationships, best practices for providers to screen their patients, ways to encourage patient disclosure and strategies for countering misogynist attitudes that foster violence.

Hear Ann Moore, senior research associate with the Guttmacher Institute, discuss her recent research on intimate partner violence.
Hear Rebecca Levensen, senior policy analyst with the Family Violence Prevention Fund, discuss the clinical implications for reproductive health providers.
Hear Vicki Breitbart, director for program development and evaluation and research with Planned Parenthood of New York City, discuss implementing research results on intimate partner violence into their services and practice.
Hear Malika Saada Saar, founder and executive director of the Rebecca Project for Human Rights speak about the intersection of past sexual abuse and entrance into the criminal justice system.
Hear Catherine Hodes, program director from the Safe Homes Project, comment on how these issues are addressed in a shelter setting.
Hear Kevin Powell, political activist and author, discuss the role of men in preventing domestic violence.